“Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge.” – Simon Sinek

What defines a leader? Is it promotion, titles, or status? We realize that is not the case.

We’ve all met others at some point in our lives that were, title wise, on an identical level. Both been students in school, teammates on a sports team, or co-workers in a job. Yet something set them apart. We don’t remember them for what they said or did, but instead, for how they made us feel.

There’s a line that’s been said a million times over.
“Why did you do it?”
“Because he (or she) would have done it for me”.

True leadership is not a title.

A) : Stamina Squats
lternating “On the Minute” x 12 (6 Rounds)
Odd Minutes – 3 Front Squats
Even Minutes – 6 Back Squats

Barbell – 66% of 3-Rep Back Squat

This is an increase of 3% from last week, and as a refresher, this is the same loading for *both* lifts. All squats are taken from the rack.

B) : Tailspin (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
15 Thrusters (95/65)
30 Double-Unders
15 CTB Pull-Ups
30 Double-Unders

Rx+ (OPEN): As written
Rx (PERFORMANCE): 75/55, Pull-ups
Scaled (FITNESS): 45/35, 60 singles, Ring Rows

Target: 4rds+
Next Level
C) : Metcon (Time)
4 Unbroken Sets:
3 Dumbbell Power Cleans
3 Dumbbell Push Presses
2 Dumbbell Power Cleans
2 Dumbbell Push Presses
1 Dumbbell Power Clean
1 Dumbbell Push Press
*After each set, complete 15 GHD Sit-Ups.

Rx: As written
Scaled: 20 Abmat Situps

Aim is to build to a heavy complex with the dumbbells. The entire (12) rep complex must be unbroken, with touch and go repetitions taking place on the power cleans with a single head of each dumbbell touching the ground. Rest as needed between sets, aiming to keep it to 2:00 or less.



All the WBs today! #bootygainz
Whether it be upon rising, before bed, or anywhere in between, working out for 30 minutes will make a significant difference in our recovery, performance, and longevity.
“Karenator” (Time)
Teams of 2:
20 Rounds for time:
15 Wallballs (20/14) Female target 9′
200m Run

Athlete 1 completes full round before switching.

Scaled (FITNESS): 14/10# WB

Target Time: 30-35min
Time Cap: 40min



Thank you for your bravery Riley!
“True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence of the future” – Seneca

How often do we rush to finish line?
Immediately turning to the next, only to rush once again?

The aim is not to ignore the future. Yet when we spend so much time working for the future, we by default ignore the present. Until… it has become the past. All of this can sound mindlessly simple – and it is. Yet we often become so frantically busy planning for the future, that we actually miss living in this moment.

Happiness is delivered in many forms, with the most important being… present enjoyment of the moment. Happiness has all that it wants. Wherever we go today, go with everything we got.

“Riley 21” (Time)
For Time:
Deadlifts (225/155)
Toes to Bar
Power Cleans (155/105)
Bench Press (155/105)

Rx+: as written
RX: DL (185/135), (135/95)
Scaled: DL 135/95, PC (95/65), Bench DB (35/20)

Today we honor Riley.

“On April 30, 2019, Riley Howell was in class at UNC Charlotte. Seven minutes in, shots rang out and in a split-second decision, Riley chose to fight. He would not live to know that his actions saved others. Riley died as he lived – selflessly, bravely and in service to others.”

Next Level
Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

3 Supersets:
Max Reps Bodyweight Bench Press
Max Strict Pull-Ups

Rx+: As written
Rx: One half bodyweight bench press
Scaled: One quarter bodyweight bench press, Ring Rows

Move directly from the bench press into the strict pull-ups. Stimulus wise, we are looking to find at least 7 reps on the bench press each round.

Metcon (No Measure)
3 Giant Sets:
20 GHD Sit-Ups
40 Banded Push Downs – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcuF2yVabTY&feature=youtu.be
100m Farmers Carry
Rest 2:00 between sets.

Rx: As written
Scaled: 30 Abmat situps

Not for score or time, we are purposefully tiring ourselves before the farmers carries. On these walks, let’s challenge ourselves with the loading. Free to build across the three rounds.



Fitness | Community | Mindset
“Let character be your loudest statement.”

The football player wears shoulder pads and a helmet.
The chef puts on an apron.
The accountant brings a suitcase.
These are all identifiables that may come to mind when thinking of those individuals.

What are yours?

Be hard on yourself here. How would others define you?
Let character be what defines you.

Stamina Squats – High Repetition
3 Rounds:
12 Back Squats – 70% of 3RM Back Squat

Repeating last week’s exact volume and load, but changing the repetition scheme. Where as last week we faced 4×9 reps, today we have 3×12.
“BFF” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Ascending Ladder for 12 Minutes:
3 Calorie Row
3 Kettlebell Swings (24/16)
3 Wallballs (20/14) *Females 9′ Target
6 Calorie Row
6 Kettlebell Swings
6 Wallballs *Females 9′ Target
9’s, 12’s, 15’s… continuing to add (3) until the time cap is reached.

Rx (OPEN/PERFORMANCE): as written
Scaled (FITNESS): 16/12kg KB, 14/10# WB,

Target: 15+ rds
Next Level
Barbell Cycling – Snatch
On the 2:30 x 5 Sets:
3-Position Power Snatch
3-Position Squat Snatch

Barbell load – 60% of 1RM Snatch

This complex involves a total of (6) repetitions. As it flows in full:
1 High Hang Power Snatch (pocket-level)
1 Hang Power Snatch (knee-level)
1 Power Snatch (from the floor)
1 High Hang Squat Snatch (pocket-level)
1 Hang Squat Snatch (knee-level)
1 Squat Snatch (from the floor)



“Know what sparks the light in you. Then use that light to illuminate the world.” – Oprah
Endurance (Time)
1,000 Meter Run
5 Rounds:
5 Strict Pull-Ups + 7 Hand-Release Pushups + 9 Calorie Bike/Row

1,000 Meter Run
3 Rounds:
5 Strict Pull-Ups + 7 Hand-Release Pushups + 9 Calorie Bike/Row

1,000 Meter Run
1 Round:
5 Strict Pull-Ups + 7 Hand-Release Pushups + 9 Calorie Bike/Row

Scaled (FITNESS): Banded Strict pull-ups, H-R Pushups from knees

Target Time: 25-30min
Time Cap: 35min



“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is a difference between one who is “there”, and one who is “being there”.

Many of us here are parents. You would understand more than most how being present is everything. A parent can go to their kids’ soccer game, and sit in the stands on their phone, awaiting the end. Or they can go to the game, and passionately be there. Not by yelling or cheering, but by intently wanting to be there. One is “just there”. The other is “being there”.

We can go on a family vacation because, “it’s what families do once a year”, or we can go on a family vacation because we want to spend more time with each other without the distractions of our daily lives. From the outside looking in, it may or may not be as visibly obvious as the effects it leaves.

The obvious application here is in our training. If we were to go through the motions in “Fran” (21-15-9 Thruster/Pull-Up), with a relaxed, 15:00 completion time… there is very little benefit.

The less obvious is our daily encounters outside the gym. Where we may be going through the motions.Is it a lack-luster goodbye to our significant other before leaving for work? Is it greeting an employee with a “How are you?” even though we don’t mean it? These things happen, as we become comfortable in a routine. Doesn’t mean they should stay that way.

Barbell Cycling (5 Rounds for reps)
All with a running clock:
:30s On, :30s Off – Deadlifts
:30s On, :30s Off – Push Jerks

:45s On, :45s Off – Deadlifts
:45s On, :45s Off – Push Jerks

1:00 On, 1:00 Off – Deadlifts
1:00 On, 1:00 Off – Push Jerks

:45s On, :45s Off – Deadlifts
:45s On, :45s Off – Push Jerks

:30s On, :30s Off – Deadlifts
:30s On – Push Jerks

Weights change after each grouping, climbing from “light-moderate-heavy-moderate-light.”
Rx+ (OPEN):
Male Pounds – 135-155-185-155-135
Female Pounds – 95-105-125-105-95

Male Pounds – 105-125-155-125-105
Female Pounds – 75-85-105-85-75

Scaled (FITNESS):
Male Pounds – 75-95-115-95-75
Female Pounds – 55-75-95-75-55

Stimulus wise, we are looking for the following criteria on the three loadings:

Lightest – One we could cycle for 21+ reps unbroken, when fresh.
Middle – One we could cycle for 14+ reps unbroken, when fresh.
Heaviest – One we could cycle for 7+ reps unbroken, when fresh.

“Double Header” (Time)
For Time:
50/35 Calorie Assault Bike

… Directly into:
100-80-60-40-20 – Double-Unders
50-40-30-20-10 – AbMat Sit-Ups

… Directly into:
50/35 Calorie Assault Bike

Rx (OPEN/PERFORMANCE): as written
Scaled (FITNESS): 60/40 Cal Row, Singles (1:1)

Target Time: 15-18min
Time Cap: 23min
Next Level
Push Jerk Skill
Alternating “On the Minute” x 8 (4 Rounds):
Minute 1 – 2 Pausing Jerk Drives + 1 Jerk Drive
Minute 2 – :30s Barbell Overhead Hold

On the jerk drives, start 50% of your estimated 1RM, and steadily build from there. Always take the bar from the rack. On the barbell overhead static hold, take this separately from the ground, at a load that starts at 35%. Light-to-moderate loads are the aim here… so that we can focus purely on our positioning.

On the pausing jerk drives, the purpose is to find the weight directly under our heel-arch. The front half of our heel, or said another way, directly beneath our ankle bone. It is very common for athletes to come to their toes on a jerk, and this drill re-enforces the proper movement pattern of driving through the heels, and not the ball of the foot. The full foot is glued to the ground (to include all toes), but the weight is back towards the heel arch.

On the overhead hold, this is purely a chance to fine tune our overhead lockout. A common fault here is a relaxed midsection, or “exposed ribs”. Think about flexing down our abs, bringing our rib cage in tight.



“All you need are these: certainty of judgement in the present moment, action for the common good in the present moment, and an attitude of gratitude in the present moment for anything that comes your way.” – Marcus Aurelius

Perception, Good Action, and Gratitude.
Written nearly two thousand years ago, these three disciplines apply to our lives just as much today as back then.

Perception – In 20/20 hindsight, everyone has the right answer. But in the present moment, things can go south. What creates the difference – our emotional state. Control our emotions, and we’ll find clarity of judgement in the present.

Good Action – Perception is one thing, but it’s another to take the leap of action. Square ourselves off to the opportunity in front, and make it count. Every time. We never waste our failures. Worth writing twice, we never, waste, our failures.

Gratitude – Through the lens of gratitude, everything is a gift. Change this, and the world changes around us.

“Run DMC” (Time)
4 Rounds:
200 Meter Run, 8 Bar Muscle-Ups
200 Meter Run, 12 DB Power Snatches (70/50)

Rx+(OPEN): As written
Rx(PERFORMANCE): 8 Chest to Bar Pull-ups, (50/35)
Scaled(FITNESS): 8 Jumping Pull-ups, (35/20)

Target: 15-20min
Time Cap: 25min
Next Level
Midline (3 Rounds for reps)
On the Minute x 9 (3 Rounds):
Minute 1 – Strict TTB
Minute 2 – GHD Static Hold – Belly Up (Supine)
Minute 3 – Banded Good Mornings

On all movements, we are not tracking a score or rep count. Aim is to use the minute to work/rest sets in, moving for technique and sound movement, and not for intensity. 2-3 sets in each minute fits very well.
Gymnastic Focus Work (No Measure)
Not for Time:
1:00 Light Row + 60% of Max Strict HSPU
1:00 Light Row + 50′ HS Walk
1:00 Light Row + 50% of Max Strict HSPU
1:00 Light Row + 50′ HS Walk
1:00 Light Row + 40% of Max Strict HSPU
1:00 Light Row + 50′ HS Walk

Not for time or score, a practice session coupling both the strict handstand pushup with handstand walking.

The 1:00 row intervals are purely in place to slightly elevate our heart rate. Pacing wise, we should be at a relaxed, conversational pace. For males, somewhere in the range of 900-1000. For females, somewhere in the range of 825-925.

Knowing our personal ability level on the movements, let’s choose drills or movements that fit our needs. As options, dumbbell strict presses fit very well for strict handstand pushups. For the handstand walking, a full minute of practice on a drill we’ve been working on (even something as simple as a handstand hold against the wall, 2 sets of :15s each) fits well.



“Every strike brings you closer to your next home run.” – Babe Ruth

When you hear the name “Babe Ruth”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?
Hall of Fame home run hitter.

What is not the immediate reaction, is “all-time strikeout leader”. 1,300 strikeouts. A record for three decades he held. It was eventually broken, by another who struck out quite a bit too. Mickey Mantle. A name that would be hard to guess, as he’s right next to Babe Ruth in the hall of fame for his home run hits.

These two didn’t reach their success through the home runs. They reached it through the strike outs. Remove those embarrassing misses… and we would never know their names.

Every missed lift. Every poor competition. Every embarrassing stumble.
It’s bringing us closer.
This is where we get better.

Stamina Squats
Alternating “On the Minute” x 12 (6 Rounds)
Odd Minutes – 3 Front Squats
Even Minutes – 6 Back Squats

Barbell – 63% of 3-Rep Back Squat

*Record Front Squat weight in Wodify

This is an increase of 3% from last week, and as a refresher, this is the same loading for *both* lifts.

Elizabeth (Time)
Clean, 135# / 95#
Ring Dips

Stimulus wise, we are looking for a barbell loading that we could squat clean for 12+ repetitions unbroken, when fresh.

Scaled: (FITNESS): 95/65, Assisted dips

Target: 8-12min
Time Cap: 15min

Next Level
Clean Complex
4 Sets:
2 Clean Pulls
2 Hang Clean High Pulls
2 Tall Cleans

Percentages based off estimated 1RM Squat Clean:
Set #1 – 30%
Set #2 – 35%
Sets #3+4 – 40%* (record in Wodify)

Clean Pull
In the clean pull, our main focus will be positions off the ground. Maintaining lat engagement throughout to keep the bar close, we are looking to squeeze the bar off the floor (versus yank). This movement finishes with an aggressive extension of the hips, but our arms stay long and relaxed. There is no pulling or bending of the elbows.

Hang Clean High Pull
We do bend the elbows here. Lowering the bar to the top of the knee, we’ll extend through our jumping position and bring the bar high. Aim for heart level, with elbows high to the outside. Aim here is to keep the bar as close as we can to the body. Rotate the knuckles forward and down (hide your knuckles from your eyesight) so that we can find the proper positions.

Tall Clean
Finishing the complex with two tall cleans, this movement is the “snatch balance” to the clean. Standing at full extension, the movement starts with a shrug at the shoulders to create a bit of weightlessness (it’s intended to not be much), followed by an immediate pull beneath the bar. Training the speed of the pull beneath, as well as the precision of our footwork from “pulling” to “receiving” stance, the tall clean refines our what is referred to as the third pull.



A) : “Team Tosh Sprints” (Time)
Teams of 2
3 Rounds:
200 Meter Run
400 Meter Run
60 Burpees

In this sprint style workout, partners will alternate running a variety of distances, completing one full distance before moving to the next. For example Partner 1 runs 200 meters, partner 2 runs 200 meters. Partner 1 runs 400 meters, Partner 2 runs 400 meters, Then partners will complete 60 Burpees split up however. That is one round. Athletes will complete a total of three rounds. If athletes are unable to run, complete the same distances on a rower.

Rx(OPEN/PERFORMANCE): as written, run or row
Scaled(FITNESS): 150m, 300m, 45 burpees

Target Time 23-28min
Time Cap: 30min



“Pain versus Discomfort”

There is a common misconception about pain.
Pain is not what we feel inside of a conditioning workout, or the tail end of a heavy squat set.

Real pain is different.
Pain is when we are walking through the garage and step on a nail.
Pain is when we loose a limb.
Real pain, is when we loose a loved one.

What we feel inside conditioning sets is not pain… it’s discomfort.
Training isn’t painful. It’s uncomfortable at times, but – it’s not pain.
Let’s use this as a perspective change as we enter today’s training.
Today, let’s get uncomfortable.

A) : Nail Biter (4 Rounds for reps)
4 Rounds:
1:00 – Toes to Bar
1:00 – Power Snatches (75/55)
1:00 – Thrusters (75/55)
1:00 – Calorie Assault Bike or Row
2:00 – Rest

Scaled (FITNESS): Abmat situps, 45/35

Next Level
B) : Metcon (5 Rounds for weight)
Barbell Cycling

On the 2:30 x 5:
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks

Set #1 – 55% of 1RM Clean and Jerk
Set #2 – 60%
Sets #3+4+5 – Build to a heavy for the day.


Inside this complex, the repetitions do *not* need to be unbroken. But we are moving with a purpose here. Moving with the intentions to complete every round by the 1:00 mark. If we are exceeding that, we are going to heavy. Let’s cycle, versus grind today.

C) : Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

4 Sets:
Max Effort L-Sit Hold
15 Weighted Hip Extensions
Rest 1:30 between sets.

Rx Plus: As written
Rx: Max Effort L-Tuck on Parallettes
Scaled: Max Effort L-Tuck hanging from rig

*Score is total time spent in L-Sit hold

Not for score or time, but for quality movement. On the L-Sit, we are on parallettes here. On the weighted hip extensions, hug a plate across the chest.

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