Run Club is a unique class designed to improve the running efficiency of any level runner. Whether you are a Master’s Track and Field athlete or a new couch-to-5K enthusiast, Run Club is for you. In every class there is a focus on running drills proven to improve your postural awareness, core stability, cardiovascular endurance, and muscular strength. These drills are then applied to a different running workout every class. Run Club values and is built on the idea of community-based growth so that you can improve your running capabilities in a friendly and positive environment./p>


Mel’s Testimonial:

To “be a runner” means something different for everyone. Six months ago, I never would have used it to define anything I did. I never loved running because (insert any excuse here – I’m too short, it hurts, I’m too tired, etc.)

College Hill CrossFit Run Club programming is specifically geared towards correcting form,

Kyle’s Testimonial:

I joined Run Club in November 2016 without really knowing what a “Run Club” coached by Tristan would be. I knew I wanted to train harder but I needed direction. I wanted to become a better athlete

and change my body composition. I wanted to change my views on running.   I wanted to love it.


If you’re not sure, come found out! Contact Coach Tristan ( to schedule your one time free trial class.

Endurance is a permanent class offered at College Hill and each individual class meets for one hour, three times per week.

$100/ MONTH


Endurance class

Class Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 5:30am & 6:30pm


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If you would like to sign up for Endurance or have any questions about this class please contact Tristan Faure at: