Posted on February 16, 2014

CHC CrossFit Open

Check out details below - REGISTER TODAY!

What is it?
It’s the ultimate test of true fitness. Which includes a whole bunch of commuity fun!

When is this going down?
CrossFit Open workouts will be announced Thursday, February 27th until Thursday, March 27th. CHC will have a “Friday Night Lights WOD” every Friday for 5 weeks. Starting with the 330pm class, we will begin running the Open workouts. All Open athletes are expected to register for class times.

Why should you sign up?
1. COMMUNITY! It’s the reason you love CrossFit in the first place. There is no better way to participate in the euphoria that comes from Open workouts.

2. YOU’VE BEEN TRAINING FOR IT! Our programming has prepared you for this. All the movements you have grown to love you should expect to see in the 2014 Open – it’s time to play!

3. CAN’T DO PRESCRIBED! So what? CrossFit HQ makes every attempt to structure the workouts so everyone can participate! Even if you have to submit a 1 rep total and continue the Open WOD scaled, it’s worth it. We will modify the WOD if you are unable to perform as prescribed that week.

4. YOU WILL INSPIRE OTHERS! We all have those CrossFit friends that jump only when others jump. Help your friends out - take the first step and register! You will be glad you did.

5. YOU WILL KNOW WHERE YOU STAND! Admit it – you care about your WOD score.

6. IT’S CHEAP! $20 gets you more Kool Aid action!

7. YOU’LL DO IT ANY WAY! Well at least if you are a member at CHC. Expect the Open work outs to be part of our weekly Friday programming.

How do you sign up?

Register here

You have trained for this opportunity; now see where that training will take you. Let’s do this CHC!


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