Posted on May 20, 2015

Athlete Spotlight - Joseph Dennis Reutter, Jr.

Joseph Dennis Reutter, Jr.

How old are you?

33 years young

What is your occupation?

Regional Sales Manager for Healthcare Academy

How long have you done CrossFit?

It's been an awesome 4 months!

How often do you train?

I am currently training 3 days per week.

What is your favorite Movement? 

Oooh, this is a tough one. I believe everyone would call my bluff if I said my favorite movement was the Burpee (or Burpé as Whitney Gelin calls it).  Actually my favorite movement is the Power Snatch followed closely by the Clean and Jerk. The Power Snatch always leaves me with the best endorphin high and I always feel accomplished regardless of the weight that I snatch.

What is your least favorite movement?  

My least favorite movement would have to be the Hand Stand Pushups. I am not very efficient at this movement and tend to drop myself on my head a lot.

When you aren't at the box what do you enjoy doing? 

I am a total movie junkie! I enjoy going to the theater on opening weekend and drowning myself in popcorn. I also enjoy participating in other athletics. I play basketball with a group on the weekends, occasionally compete in triathlons, running and biking events.

What brought you to CHC?

I had been taking classes at a local fitness gym for several years, and I was also rotating through several home based DVD workouts at that time as well. I found myself constantly bored with the monotony of the workouts and never saw the results I wanted. Mason Sharp began to put the bug in my ear about College Hill CrossFit early in 2014 when I started attending her Zumba classes, and she continued to plug away at me about it the entire year. After a chance encounter in the Bahamas last fall with Vance Schiffman, who just happened to live in Greensboro and also attend CHC, I figured that was my sign. The next time I saw Mason, she helped me get signed up for my fundamentals class. After a the 6 minute Whitney Gelin AMRAP at the end of the fundamentals class I was hooked!

What's next on your CrossFit Journey?

I'd really like to conquer the muscle up soon.

Why should everyone try CrossFit?

Like many others, I set a New Year’s resolution for 2015 to get in the best shape of my life. In my opinion I've always been in (what I considered) decent shape. I spent time running, biking, lifting the occasional weights, and rotating through home based workouts. However, after I walked through the door at College Hill Crossfit I was taken to school.  I've used muscles that I didn't know I had, and built those muscles quickly. For the first time since my shoulder surgery 3 years ago, I'm not waking up in pain in the mornings. My entire body has transformed in just in just 90 days, but I'm not done yet. I've become stronger than I've ever been in my life and I'm on my way to a shredded core with a fully defined 6 pack! The coaches are amazing and the members are friendly and supportive. I'm a full-fledged believer in CrossFit and College Hill Crossfit is my community. I highly encourage anyone on the fence to sign up for a fundamentals class and come see what CHC is all about.


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