Posted on March 1, 2015

3 Years Strong!

On this day, following a phenomenal CHC community launch of the 2015 CrossFit Open, I wanted to make sure to pause today and say to you, “Happy Anniversary CHC”!

I am constantly inspired by the love and support this community shows every day.

Life can be a bit overwhelming for us sometimes. While we cannot prevent our day-to-day challenges, pitfalls, stresses, or obstacles, together, we certainly have built a place where those things fall away, get left at the door, are driven out of our minds, or are rep’d right out of our systems so that each athlete has the opportunity to take away from CHC a tension-releasing and “spent” level of exhaustion, or constructive skill development, or strength gains, or comradery (both fitness and personal) with the support of a network of friends on a similar path – whatever is needed on any particular day so that each of us is able to stand before the next day fresh, inspired, stronger, and better than the day before.

Every time I walk through the doors, I feel like we are all making a difference by the way we show up, by the hard work that gets done, and by the support we offer to one another.

Because of you, College Hill CrossFit is more than just a CrossFit box. We are a community. We are more than just another fitness facility, we are a force to reckon with!

Thanks for being a part of this three year journey. Here’s to another healthy, thriving year; a physical and permanent CHC home; boatloads of additional PR’s; fitness levels exceeding all goals; still more CrossFit friends; and a stronger, more deeply-rooted, and even more formidable CHC community!

With unspeakable gratitude,

Pam and Tracy!


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