Posted on January 30, 2015

9 Reasons to try College Hill CrossFit

Thinking about trying CrossFit? What are you feeling right now; excited, nervous, maybe a little scared? I’ve heard all of those are responses when I’ve asked people how they feel before their first CrossFit session. When you walk through the door at College Hill CrossFit, you can expect each class to last an hour. During that hour you will be led through a warm-up, a strength or skill session such as working on a squat movement or pull-ups, and then the WOD or workout of the day.

CrossFit is so much fun and has the potential to change your life.

Keep reading to see particular aspects of why CrossFit is fun and worth the time and energy that you will invest. 

  1. Constantly Varied – Many people get sick and tired of doing the same routines at the gym. Every day, for weeks or months on end. It leads to burnout, frustration, and boredom. You don’t find bored people in CrossFit. The workouts change every single day. Sure, you may see a “benchmark” workout again in the future, but you’ll actually look forward to seeing how much you’ve improved since you last did it.
  1.  Coaching – There is (at least) one CrossFit Level One Certified coach for every class. College Hill Class sizes are limited to ensure that you get personal attention from your coach in every class. Coaches help you learn new movements and then reinforce good habits by walking you through the steps of each exercise before it starts. For someone who’s never been to a CrossFit class, it might be best explained by thinking of having a “group personal trainer”. The Coach instructs you about what the workout is, how to do it, and monitors you during the workout - to make sure you have good form with your movements.  You can trust that the coach will check on you and offer tips and encouragement several times each class.
  1. CrossFit is For Everyone – Coach Tracy Shuford points this out during our fundamentals class. CrossFit is for everyone. Every movement that is in a workout can be scaled (modified) so that each athlete can do it. Your coaches are knowledgeable and will help you identify the movements you should use, as well as what weights to use. It doesn’t matter if you are the CrossFit Games champion, a former collegiate athlete, or someone who is in his/her very first class. Everyone is an athlete. From the time the clock starts at your first class, you are a CrossFit athlete.
  1. Community – The CrossFit community means something different to everyone when they start. Some people have played team sports before and they are excited to work out in a group setting. Others are petrified of it at first because they worry that they will be judged. I can tell you from first hand experience that you won’t be judged because the people working out around you are worried about their own workouts - just like you will be. Something about the effort that everyone invests brings people closer together. The people who are in the same classes with you will become your friends and confidants. They will explain things to you and be there to cheer you on when you need it.  
  1. CrossFit is Challenging – You will discover that you have strengths and weaknesses when you start CrossFit. If you’re like me, you’ll have a lot more weaknesses than strengths. Given the fact that CrossFit gives you a different workout every day, you will be forced to work on the things you aren’t good at. This will push you outside of your comfort zone and you will improve so much faster than if you just did the things you were good at. 
  1. Fewer Injuries – Yes, you read that right. By doing CrossFit you will have fewer everyday injuries. You will strengthen muscles that you haven’t used as much and then you won’t be as susceptible to minor injuries. A strong body stands up to a lot more stress than a weak one. Don’t let a prior injury keep you away either. If you have some weaknesses from previous injuries, you’ll learn movements you can do and you will strengthen those areas as well.
  1. Competition – Most workouts are done with a clock. Sometimes you will do as much of something as possible in a given time limit. Other times you will have a workout that you will do it as fast as possible. Everyday you get to compete against yourself to get better. However, in the beginning, don’t make the mistake of trying to compete against the person standing next to you. Your goal is to show up and get better every day. You do that by competing against yourself to do a little better each time you come to class.
  1. Accountability – If you miss a week’s worth of workouts at the globo gym, and I bet that you don’t hear from anyone. After you’ve been doing CrossFit a few weeks, if you miss a few workouts in a row, one of your friends is going to want to know where you were. It isn’t just the workouts that are fun, it’s the fact that you have friends working out beside you, going through the same challenges that you are – friends who miss you when you’re not there, and by doing so, help you with your own accountability for your physical health. That brings you closer together than some random guy at the gym who gives you a nod when you walk past.
  1. Amaze Yourself – At first you will be humbled. You might not know what a “clean” is or what you’re supposed to do with a wall ball. The workouts will be hard but even after a few short weeks you will start to see improvements – it’s not that the workouts get easier, you just get better!
  • You will have a new vocabulary - you will be spouting off what AMRAP of thrusters you did and how you can’t wait to do a HSPU again.
  • You will get stronger and faster.
  • You will build confidence in your physical self.
  • Your body will change. It will change shape - become more muscular and it will require extra food.
  • You will get humbled again by another workout.
  • You will amaze yourself with what you can accomplish.

What are you waiting for? Join us and see for yourself. Come for the results, stay for the fun!

Huge THANK YOU to our Blogger Derek Hill!

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