Posted on January 7, 2015

New Year / New Goals

Welcome to 2015! It’s a new year, a time when millions of people look forward to a fresh starts, new challenges or maybe just a continuing pursuit of happiness. As a member of CHC you have already achieved the world’s #1 resolution of joining a gym. That’s reason enough to celebrate, so now it’s time to set some new and challenging goals for 2015.

Resolutions are defined as a firm decision to do or not do something, or the action of solving a problem. Goals are defined as the object of a person’s ambition or effort, an aim or desired result.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to call it, just that you have a target. We perform better when we have a desired result that we can strive to achieve. Take time to reflect on where you started, the things you’ve mastered, and what you want to achieve in 2015.

One of the great things about the CHC community and CrossFit is that we support everyone’s goals and celebrate their achievements. In the past few months I’ve personally seen a first bar muscle up, a first ring muscle up, a first time on the podium, and a first box jump. Each and every one of those was just as exciting as the other because they were monumental milestones in the progress for the person completing the goal.

The great thing about having goals is they are yours and you can choose how to accomplish them. When you’re setting your goals make sure you take some time to make a plan on how you will achieve them. For each outcome based goal like squatting a certain weight or mastering strict pull-ups, you should also include the behavioral steps to get there. For instance, by talking to a coach about how to achieve your goal and having a plan of an extra squat cycle or a pull up progression you’ll have a roadmap to help you get to your destination.

Goal Setting Steps:

Reflect on accomplishments.

Define what you want to achieve.

Be Specific with your Goals. 

Write them down.

Make an action plan.

Review your goals to stay focused.

Celebrate Successes!

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