Posted on February 3, 2016

The CrossFit Open by Derek Hill

The Open

It’s that time of the year again. Time to gather around our computers Thursday nights at 8 and see what diabolical workout Dave Castro has put together to test our fitness. Directly after the workout is announced, a pair of elite level CrossFitters will do the workout. We then have 24 hours to prepare ourselves as the College Hill CrossFit community will, this year, throw down during Friday Night Lights.

It’s time to celebrate another year of CrossFit. This is your chance to test yourself against your “class”, your friends, the box, the city, the state, and the WORLD. The best person you get to test yourself against is yourself. Enjoy the Open, it can be the culmination of a year of hard work or just 5 more workouts to give you benchmarks to test your fitness. Where you stand versus the rest of the world really doesn’t matter. Showing up, cheering on your friends and everyone at CHC, and giving it your all - that’s what matters.

The best part about the Open is the memories that will be made. 2015 gave us so many great memories. Let’s take a look back at some moments from 2015.

We watched Allison Weiss, a quiet young lady we were just getting to know exude her dominance over the rest of the teens in the world and finish the Open as the #1 ranked female in her age group. We then got to watch Allison go to the games where she stood on the podium as one of the fittest teens in the world.

There were some Open workouts where it seemed like there was a contest for whom could do the most attempts at the workout, Megan or Whitney? Megan Rutledge dominated 15.1 to the tune of 2nd in the region and 23rd in the world. Whitney took 1st in the region and 15th in the world in 15.5 - going on to place 5th in the Mid Atlantic Regionals and 19th in the world at the CrossFit Games.

The fun doesn’t stop with watching the elite crush the WOD’s - there is so much more! Like our beloved Tom also going full “shock and awe” with his rant about 15.4’s handstand pushups, but we didn’t have to talk him off a ledge, he came in and did the work. And don’t forget 2015 got serious with muscle ups to start a workout for the first time ever! Speaking of muscle ups, how about Kelly Tate getting some good MU coaching from Cedar just before the MU workout and then just doing MU’s in the workout?!!

Those of you that have been CHC Strong for less than a year certainly missed out on a once in a lifetime experience during 15.5’s Friday night lights. The Brink’s parked a military vehicle in the box. Coach Todd Sharp had no fear of climbing into the bed of the truck and crushing that WOD!

As we celebrated the end of the 2015 Open, we all showed up groggily the next morning to endure the great CHC migration. We relocated into our new home that has heat, air, and so many toilets!

As we look ahead to 2016, there is no way to tell what the workouts are going to be (although if anyone wants to bet on Thrusters, I’ll put my money down that we do them). We do know that we are in for a good time. Five weeks of Friday Night Lights was great last year and 2016 brings us another 5 weeks of Friday Night Lights using a new TEAM format. The intramural style Open will bring us together on teams of those we know and those we will get to know. None of us at College Hill CrossFit can wait to see what memories will be made this year. Whether it’s showing up and tackling the best Castro has to offer – the first doubleunders ever, the most pull ups you’ve ever done, the first linked chest to bars, or a first ever muscle up, I guarantee there will be amazing new memories every week.

Remember the Open is about testing yourself. If you can’t make it to Friday night lights, it doesn’t mean you can’t do the Open. Talk to a friend or coach in advance about a time to be judged and getting the workout in.

If you can’t always do RX workouts, it doesn’t mean you can’t do the Open. There is a scaled version of every workout.

As the excitement builds for 2016 here are a few more thoughts from the College Hill CrossFit community about what they enjoyed from the 2015 Open.

  • Friday night lights was so cool because we were all together, cheering each other on
  • ….how nice it was to meet people you don’t work out with due to different choices in which class to attend.
  • Getting ready to start each Friday gave you the real competition feel. Judges, spectators and the clock about to start - CHC stepped up to the plate and crushed all 5 Open WODs.
  • 2015 Open was nothing like the past but boy did our athletes step up to the challenge. Each succeeded in their own way proving their tenacity to never give up. Friday Night Lights was my highlight every weekend. I was involved in a community that gave up their time to cheer on others through the toughest Open season yet. Loved every minute of it!
  • People pushing the limits of their capabilities was inspiring! It was sad to see people try and fail at times, but without the Open they would have never tried.”

There isn’t an athlete at CHC that didn’t inspire someone during the Open. Look around during your next class and take a moment to really appreciate how lucky we are to be surrounded by so many amazing friends here at College Hill. Thank you to each and every person who participated, cheered, and learderboarded.

The 2016 Open is upon us. Let’s DO IT!


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