Posted on January 5, 2016

Welcome 2016 - Resolution Time

What are resolutions? A resolution is the firm decision to enact a change that results in a fresh start, new beginnings - jobs, relationships, personal habits, or gym memberships. All of these are packed with immense potential for change.

Resolutions are made. Determination is invested in the start down the path towards fulfilling the resolution. And then, before you realize it, the year moves along and your motivation changes, distractors popup, and life itself just gets in the way. We become disillusioned and our momentum slows until life reverts completely back to the way it was.

That is when "the bullshit" begins making its case in our minds. All of the reasons for "why not" begin to cloud our ability to see our true potential. We attribute the powerful rationalizations to real, immovable, external forces. It becomes someone else's fault that we don't have the time, the money, the plan, or the endurance.

At College Hill, we believe in your greatest potential. We want nothing more for you than for you to have everything you've always wanted, which includes the healthiest version of yourself. Unfortunately, like most New Year's resolutions, wanting is not enough.

That is why we have carefully constructed a plan designed to empower you to build the body and the beliefs you have always wanted. Change is hard, but it is a choice. Behavior change is nearly impossible without the support, education, and accountability we can provide you.

Take a minute to review the program we have created with your success in mind. Trust the power of the process.

Beginning January 18th, we will begin our second phase of Flexible Dieting.

What is it? Flexible dieting is the tracking of macronutrients (protein, fat, carbs), based on your goals and exercise levels, to increase strength and achieve body composition goals.

What are Macronutrients? They are the protein, fat and carbohydrates in your diet - the source of both the energy needed to fuel your work and the molecules required to build and maintain your physical being.

Who will lead this challenge? Kim Yancey will work with each participant to set individual goals. These goals are the keys to your success. Goals can be set for fat loss, maintenance, or bulking (gaining weight and muscle).

How will we measure progress? Pre and post data will be collected - leveraging both a workout and a lift.

How will we keep you accountable? We will use our Chalkboardat CHC to highlight your progress.

Why Flexible Dieting? Flexible Dieting has been tried and tested by our first phase group.   Great success came from this and we will continue into 2016.

Shout out to all of the Phase I participants and their successes!

Our WINNERS were Lorna & Liz! Combined, the two of them lost 10 pounds, increased their benchmark workouts by 42 reps and increased their lifts by 10 pounds!

In addition to our winning pair there were some other amazing individual changes in this challenge. Meredith lost 7 pounds and improved on the workout by 19 reps! Autumn lost 8 pounds and improved her lifts by 15 pounds! And Molly lost 10 pounds, improved the workout by 3 reps and increased her lifts by 10 pounds.

2016 Challenge Details

6 Week Challenge Starts: January 18, 2016 Ends: February 28, 2016 Cost: $30

The first nutrition meeting will take place on Thursday, January 14 at 7:30 PM. This will be the meeting to start the challenge, as well as to go over all the details of the expectations, benefits, and rules of the challenge.

The final winners of the challenge will be determined by total points, as well as changes in body composition, measurements, and weight.

1st Place: $75 Gift Card

2nd Place: $50 Gift Card

3rd Place: $25 Gift Card 

The Point System1 point for working out at a CHC class (no more than 5 points in a 7 day time span) 1 point for being within 10 grams of your Protein Requirements 1 point for being within 10 grams of your carbohydrate requirements 1 point for being within 5 grams of your fat requirements

Points will be tracked by each participant, emailed to Kim and then written on the chalk board weekly.

Let us help you change your body and your beliefs. Allow us to be your framework for success. No one needs to do this alone. Milestones are only half as fun without someone to high five you along the way. We are your coaches and your cheerleaders. We are your gurus and your guides. Most importantly, we are here for you. Because we are College Hill, and that’s just how we are.


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