Posted on March 3, 2014

Happy 2 year anniversary CHC!

I would like to THANK everyone for your continued support and enthusiasm. We believe that a box should be about more than just a place to workout - and you agree. You have helped us create an amazing community of people committed to fitness and to each other. Here's to another healthy, thriving year!

Thank you - Pam and Tracy


Here you go we have finished year two,
Gosh it’s amazing how fast the time flew.
Here are some little jokes on the CHC cast,
Reminders of what makes CHC Last.

We shall start and finish with the one and only PK,
The one we see on her orange computer everyday.
She works hard and long with natural Greek grit,
Making CHC the absolute best CrossFit.
She runs a tight ship but its all for good reason,
She’ll do anything for this box no matter the season.

And what would we do without the amazing TShuf,
who’s awesome personality is never aloof.
She runs fundamentals so she is the first one we meet
But she would never tell you she is a games athlete, two peat.
Her abilities are amazing and definitely no fluke,
But when she’s around you must always watch for Sammie puke!

Then there is Mason who stretches us out in the sun,
Who knew parking lot yoga could be so much fun.
She dances around, our zumba extraordinaire,
With her in charge of socials we know they’re never bare.

Spencer while sometimes we miss those long flowing locks,
We’ll never miss your knee sleeves that smelled like old gym socks.
We know you have a big heart though you are an introvert that is quite coy,
Because your always posting videos on facebook for CHC to enjoy.

Todd we know by the music when you are here coaching class,
You have everyone in here PRing while they shake their country ass.
Praise the lord you shaved that grizzly beard,
You look so much better when your face is all cleared.

Jason our chef and amazing morning man,
We applaud you for being able to handle that 830 clan.
Your incredible mouth breathing is the parallel to none,
And your clean n jerk faces are much better than even Spencer Munn

David you got your clean and jerk PR with a barbell loading mystery,
We’re so proud of your amazing cupids revenge victory.
Don’t think you’ll make it through without us calling you out,
Because sometimes in order hear you, we need you to shout.

But Joe on the other hand, he is loud enough,
When he coaches he leaves no room for fluff.
However, Signs that you care are all around,
And when you’re coaching your mother its certainly profound.
Just watch out when he’s lifting or you could get caught in a storm,
Spit and chalk dust everywhere isn’t out of the norm.

Not enough could be said about the members of CHC,
How lucky could this coaching staff truly be?
You give us blood sweat and tears everyday,
Good thing pam is the cleanest box owner in a Clorox kinda way!

You have changed bodies and lives by pursuing your passion,
And you have done it all with amazing lulu fashion
Pam oh pam we are all here because of you,
With your hard work and care this community grew.
I hope you can see that all these people love you so dear,
And are looking forward to yet another great year.

~written by Whitney Gelin

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