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College Hill CrossFit founds Raven’s Pursuit, a nonprofit to benefit Triad youth

College Hill CrossFit founds Raven’s Pursuit, a nonprofit to benefit Triad youth Greensboro, NC- March 27, 2017 A local, progressive CrossFit affiliate, College Hill CrossFit, is pleased to announce the launch of its nonprofit offshoot, Raven’s Pursuit, to bring transformative experiences Triad youth. Raven’s Pursuit is a nonprofit organization (applying for 501(c)(3) status) that has as its mission the development of Triad y

Why You Should NOT Redo an Open Workout

My answer to most all of you would be no, you shouldn’t redo the workout. CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity with the end goal being to improve work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Essentially, CrossFit is a way to prepare you for the unknown and unknowable. CrossFit is a way to help make you a better mover and a better person. It has evolved over the years but its design and goal

College Hill CrossFit to Send 3 Athletes to the CrossFit Games in 2016

Greensboro, NC- July, 2016 – “To have 3 athletes qualify for the 2016 CrossFit Games from College Hill CrossFit, for me, is a tremendous honor. The highest compliment that can be paid to a box owner, such as myself, is to think that I might have had something to do with it. I believe that my role has been simply in creating a fertile, supportive, and challenging environment for these athletes to be able to focus, train, and grow towar

Crawford Miller is returning to Greensboro!

Crawford Miller began his CrossFit career in 2010 at CrossFit Greensboro and he has been coaching since 2011. He got his start coaching at College Hill upon its opening, with Pam and Tracy, during the time that he was completing his Masters in Communication Studies at UNCG. Crawford was a member of the CHC Mid-Atlantic Regionals in 2013. He is CrossFit L1 and USAW L1 certified and has developed a broad skill set coaching over the past five years.

The CrossFit Open by Derek Hill

The Open It’s that time of the year again. Time to gather around our computers Thursday nights at 8 and see what diabolical workout Dave Castro has put together to test our fitness. Directly after the workout is announced, a pair of elite level CrossFitters will do the workout. We then have 24 hours to prepare ourselves as the College Hill CrossFit community will, this year, throw down during Friday Night Lights. It’s time to celebr

Welcome 2016 – Resolution Time

What are resolutions? A resolution is the firm decision to enact a change that results in a fresh start, new beginnings - jobs, relationships, personal habits, or gym memberships. All of these are packed with immense potential for change. Resolutions are made. Determination is invested in the start down the path towards fulfilling the resolution. And then, before you realize it, the year moves along and your motivation changes, distractors popup

Hand Care Notes by Derek Hill

“Ripped Hands Are an Injury”, Ben Bergeron… …said to Whitney Gelin and other Games athletes as he stressed the importance of hand care to the group of athletes training with him. He asked them how many had “ripped” at the Games – and many had. Whitney reports that she did not rip, and she shared her not-so-secret strategy for hand protection during the Butterfly Pullup Clinic several Sunday afternoons

More than Just a Box by Derek Hill

College Hill CrossFit is more than just a box. It’s a box with an amazing community, and that community loves to give back. Newcomers might have a hard time understanding when CrossFitters talk about their community. A person who hasn’t experienced it yet, might think, “You’re talking about the people you work out with, right?” While it’s true that the community is those you work out with, it’s also so mu

College Hill is hiring!

College Hill CrossFit is excited to announce a full time staff member coaching position at 1208 Oakland Avenue, in Greensboro, NC! College Hill CrossFit is a thriving CrossFit box that has established a reputation for outstanding member engagement, excellent client services, and significant and consistent member performance gains. We are very excited about this opportunity to offer a coaching position in this wellness field for an engaging and w

Should I Rx?

Should I Rx? I've started this blog numerous times but have never really been satisfied with it. The reason for that is probably because I can tell you that the question posed in the title doesn't have an easily reached answer other than “maybe” – at least not without considering a sequence of additional questions. Getting to the Question: One of the most common questions in the CrossFit world revolves around doing the workou

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