Endurance is a unique class designed to improve the running efficiency of any level runner.  Whether you are a Master’s Track and Field athlete or a new couch-to-5K enthusiast, Endurance is for you. In every class there is a focus on running drills proven to improve your postural awareness, core stability, cardiovascular endurance, and muscular strength.  These drills are then applied to a different running workout every class. Endurance values and is built on the idea of community-based growth so that you can improve your running capabilities in a friendly and positive environment.


Mel’s Testimonial:

 To “be a runner” means something different for everyone. Six months ago, I never would have used it to define anything I did. I never loved running because (insert any excuse here – I’m too short, it hurts, I’m too tired, etc.)

College Hill CrossFit Endurance programming is specifically geared towards correcting form, breathing, warming up, and efficiency.  What is also evident is Coach Tristan’s passion for running.  It is not just for the act of running itself- his passion is for his athletes to improve, succeed and conquer goals.  Each participant receives individual training and personalized goals.

What have I lost from joining this group?  Weight, pain, and time off my milestone runs.  What have I gained?  Strength, speed, confidence, and endurance.  I have also gained a tribe of friends who are my constant support system through this running journey!

Coach Tristan is devoted to this Endurance, the progress, and success of each athlete.  He brings years of experience and knowledge and has the ability to coach a vast array of runners- from the novice to the experienced marathon runner.  So now when someone asks, “Are you a runner?” I don’t have to hesitate, I say YES!

Kyle’s Testimonial:

  I joined Endurance in November 2016 without really knowing what a “Endurance” coached by Tristan would be. I knew I wanted to train harder but I needed direction. I wanted to become a better athlete and change my body composition. I wanted to change my views on running. I wanted to love it. I wanted to learn how to run better, faster, and smarter.

I’ve achieved all of that and more. Since starting CHC Endurance I’ve gained so much balance and clarity in my life – personal and career. It has also made me a much happier person. It’s helped me stay motivated and ambitious in developing my career, my goals in life, and most importantly, forge a body that is strong, fast, and something that I can be proud of.

I can never thank Tristan enough for his passion and love for running and what he’s done for me and everyone who has been a part of CHC’s Endurance now and in the future. I am a Trotter 4 Life!!!


How long is a Endurance class?

Endurance is a permanent class offered at College Hill and each individual class meets for one hour, three times per week.


What is the cost of Endurance?


Is Endurance for me?

If you’re not sure, come found out! Contact Coach Tristan (tristan@collegehillcrossfit.com) to schedule your one time free trial class.

How many Endurance classes are offered?

Classes are M/W/F 530AM and 630PM

Class Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:

5:30am & 6:30pm


If you would like to sign up for Endurance or have any questions about this class please contact Tristan Faure at: tristan@collegehillcrossfit.com