Courtesy of CrossFit Kids, Inc.

Built upon the CrossFit principle of constantly varied, highly intense, functional movements, the CrossFit Kids program has demonstrated effectiveness in physical performance – increased strength, improved speed, increased power, flexibility, endurance, agility, increased bone density, and with improvement in the vestibular system (balance and equilibrium). This program is a strong foundation as an all-around fitness program and is a must have as a supplement to sport specialized workouts.

The improved physicality gained from highly effective fitness programs has been shown to be a significant factor in the formation of positive self-identity in youth – the kind of positive self-identity that feeds high self-esteem and self-confidence.

The CrossFit Kids program instructs youth in specific mechanical techniques, fitness strategies, short and long-term goal setting, and challenges participants to strive for individual gains in a collaborative environment.

All College Hill CrossFit coaches who will be working with young athletes are CrossFit Kids certified, have years of prior experience working in youth sports programs, and have passed background checks.

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