Hand Care Notes by Derek Hill

“Ripped Hands Are an Injury”, Ben Bergeron… …said to Whitney Gelin and other Games athletes as he stressed the importance of hand care to the group of athletes training with him. He asked them how many had “ripped” at the Games – and many had. Whitney reports that she did not rip, and she shared her not-so-secret strategy for hand protection during the Butterfly Pullup Clinic several Sunday afternoons

Whitney Gelin

Whitney brings extensive knowledge and versatility to the box, holding certifications with Crossfit Kids, USA Weightlifting, and as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She has represented CHC in numerous local competitions and was a member of the 2013 and 2014 CHC Mid-Atlantic Regionals teams. In addition to her experience in CrossFit, Whitney was the head softball coach a

Tracy’s path to the Games 2014

On July 25 , Tracy Shuford will face a daunting task along with 19 other top athletes from all over the world to become the 2014 Reebok Crossfit Game’s Champion in the Master’s Division. Tracy, a Physcian’s Assistant at Greensboro Orthopedics by day, spends her off time training and coaching at College Hill Crossfit. Despite her busy training schedule, she always finds time to interact with the members of the box; answering ques

More than Just a Box by Derek Hill

College Hill CrossFit is more than just a box. It’s a box with an amazing community, and that community loves to give back. Newcomers might have a hard time understanding when CrossFitters talk about their community. A person who hasn’t experienced it yet, might think, “You’re talking about the people you work out with, right?” While it’s true that the community is those you work out with, it’s also so mu

College Hill CrossFit’s Regional Team

The CrossFit Games website will broadcast full coverage of all their events. We plan on broadcasting this from the box during class times. Here is the schedule breakdown. Good luck to Team CHC!! #tpts Friday, May 23rd Team Event 1 Heat 3: 9:40am-10:00am Team Event 2 & 3 Heat 3: 11:00am-11:20am Saturday, May 24th Team Event 4/5 Heat 3: 9:48am-10:12am Team Event 6 Heat 3: 11:25am-11:50am Sunday, May 25th Team Event 7 Heat 3: 9:50am

College Hill is hiring!

College Hill CrossFit is excited to announce a full time staff member coaching position at 1208 Oakland Avenue, in Greensboro, NC! College Hill CrossFit is a thriving CrossFit box that has established a reputation for outstanding member engagement, excellent client services, and significant and consistent member performance gains. We are very excited about this opportunity to offer a coaching position in this wellness field for an engaging and w

Should I Rx?

Should I Rx? I've started this blog numerous times but have never really been satisfied with it. The reason for that is probably because I can tell you that the question posed in the title doesn't have an easily reached answer other than “maybe” – at least not without considering a sequence of additional questions. Getting to the Question: One of the most common questions in the CrossFit world revolves around doing the workou

College Hill CrossFit Coach Position

We are very excited about this opportunity and hope that it not only provides a sustainable income and healthy lifestyle for an amazing trainer coach, but also provides additional consistency and care for our athletes. Our biggest requirement is that we hire the right person for this job with an emphasis on the concern for our athletes and dedication to excellence above all else. Required Expectations and Qualifications:Outgoing, Reliable, and

Interview with Tracy Shuford

Tracy talks about CrossFit. "Dr. Aaron LeBauer: What is CrossFit? Tracy Shuford: Crossfit in all simplicity is a baseline strength and conditioning program that builds on principles of what we call “functional movement.” It was named and somewhat invented by a brilliant gentleman named Greg Glassman a previous gymnast, trainer, and pioneer in the fitness industry. The beauty is he really didn’t “invent” anything, h

Athlete Spotlight – Joseph Dennis Reutter, Jr.

Joseph Dennis Reutter, Jr. How old are you? 33 years young What is your occupation? Regional Sales Manager for Healthcare Academy How long have you done CrossFit? It's been an awesome 4 months! How often do you train? I am currently training 3 days per week. What is your favorite Movement?  Oooh, this is a tough one. I believe everyone would call my bluff if I said my favorite movement was the Burpee (or Burpé as Whitney G

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