ESOL Job description

Begins: August 15, 2018

College Hill CrossFit is seeking qualified candidates for the hourly position of Functional Fitness Coach.This Functional Fitness Coach will coach 4 classes per day for an ancillary program funded by Raven’s Pursuit, a local nonprofit, on the campus of Hope Academy. Hours span from 9:15am – 11:45am and 1:15pm – 3:45pm, Monday through Thursday each week, according to the Hope Academy school schedule.

Candidates should be certified Physical Education instructors with significant and highly skilled Functional Fitness experience or Level 1 CrossFit certified coaches. They should also have significant experience coaching or managing classes. The ideal candidate will meet both previous criteria and hold a CrossFit Kids certification as well.

In addition to coaching the four classes per day, the candidate will be expected to program the workouts for the classes, to conduct benchmark assessments which measure the growth of program participants, and keep records for participation, dressing out, and citizenship, which will be reported back to Hope Academy according to their grade reporting schedule.

The candidate will have a clear understanding of and sensitivity to cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic differences. S/he should be prepared to use that understanding to guide young students onto successful fitness experiences that will positively impact their social skills and community engagement.

Coach Responsibilities

Coach yearlong Functional Fitness classes

  • Program the workouts for all classes
  • Develop individualized instruction as needed
  • Implement strategies for individual WOD and longitudinal growth documentation
  • Strive to develop constructive and meaningful relationships with students

Performance Reporting

  • Implement documentation of day-to-day student performance records
  • Submit student performance records to Hope Academy according to their expected timeline

Program Assessment Reporting

  • Schedule regular assessments of benchmark movements at the start of the year, at end of the Fall Semester, and at the end of the academic year
  • Optimize student participation in the benchmark assessments
  • Submit to Raven’s Pursuit Educational Lead upon completion of mid-year and end of year data collection

To apply please contact:

Pam Kontogiorgos
College Hill CrossFit