Coach Profile: Jason Drew

Coach Profile: Jason Drew

Hobbies and Activities Outside of CrossFit training?

-I grew up on a sailboat and still love to get out on the water when I can. When I’m inland I enjoy anything that involves working with my hands such as cooking or any handyman task.

What is your favorite cheat meal?


Why do you love CrossFit?

-Crossfit has changed my life by challenging and then strengthening my physical and mental abilities every day. 

What are 3 things you love about College Hill CrossFit?

-I love that even at 5:30am I have dedicated athletes who show up eager to workout everyday, even on a day the workout looks awful! I also love the giant fans I can sprawl out in front of after a brutal WOD and the incredibly loud speakers to cause a neighborhood ruckus!

What is your favorite WOD, movement or both?

 -Definitely Jackie and back squats! 

Do you have an embarrassing moment that happened during a WOD?

-How about my crazy mouth breathing in every WOD? Like, all of them.

Favorite CrossFit moment?

 -When I met Julie Foucher!  (although I hear she is engaged now? Unacceptable!)

Most memorable CrossFit moment?

-Seeing the sea of orange supporting us from the regional floor! It’s an amazing feeling to have you all there with us! 

Tell us about your family.

-Son of Steve and Carolyn Drew, Director of Water Resources and Educational Interpreter for the Deaf. I also have an older sister Laura, who is off and married with children.

Favorite piece of CrossFit gear?

-The knee wraps!

What is your Pre-WOD Routine

-Before every WOD I embrace the suck I am about to endure and remind myself that every rep will make me stronger for tomorrow.

What is something about coaching that you love?

-I love seeing PRs and the joy in people’s eyes when they have accomplished something they have been working toward for a long time or never imagined possible.

What advice do you have for someone who is new?

-Stick with it, Crossfit can be a tough thing to jump into but it will all come together in time!