Coach Position

Coach Position

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Uphold the core values, standards and operations created for COLLEGE HILL
  • Act as a brand ambassador in and out of the gym

  • Clearly uphold COLLEGE HILL’s code of conduct and adhere to it 100% both personally and amongst the community.

  • COLLEGE HILL Coaches are expected to continue to learn and develop new training techniques by seeking out new information. Staying up to date on new research, training and rehab information, attending coaching clinics, watching videos, reading books, and seeking out tips from elite coaches and athletes.

  • Possess an in-depth understanding of the sport from the fundamental skills to advanced tactics and strategy.

  • Coaches must prepare and plan ahead, know the progressive nature of training adaptation, understand the standards of the sport of CrossFit.

  • Coaches must provide a simple, structured and safe environment for athletes to succeed.

  • Greet new members and guests and introduce to veteran members of the community.

  • Instruct each component of the class including warmup, strength and/or skill, and WOD.

  • Maintain thorough proficiency of movement for all functional movements taught in class.

  • Motivate members with a positive attitude and enthusiasm. The ability to motivate and inspire is part of the formula for success.

  • Being aware of individual differences in athletes/members. Individualizing communication and motivation to specific people is key to coaching success. Paying attention to your members/athlete’s emotions, strengths and weaknesses are the responsibility of a COLLEGE HILL coach.

  • Coaches are expected to attend monthly staff meetings as well as COLLEGE HILL community and social events.

  • Each coach is responsible for obtaining coverage for his/her classes should he/she need to miss class.

Interested? Send in your resume, copy of your CrossFit Cert, and copy of your AED/CPR certification and three references to