April 6, 2019

Tom, Alex, & Scott
“Rome was not built in a day.” – John Heywood

This is an old adage that speaks to the time it takes to build something great.

And it’s indeed an accurate statement, and a healthy outlook on mastering a skill or craft. However, the critical message is less about how great things take time, and more, about the importance of laying the next brick.

We can become consumed with the idea of “making it”. Finishing Rome. And in so, we don’t place the value in the next brick being laid. With one eye on the prize, we only have one eye for the journey.

The call to action is not to build our dreams *today*, but, to place down the next brick. Every day, for years, if it takes us so. But we won’t miss a day. Until, we have your empire.

Rope a Dope (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
Teams of 3:
90/60 Calorie Assault Bike
60 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)
300 Double-Unders
15 Rope Climbs (15′)

Rx Plus (OPEN): As written
Rx (PERFORMANCE): Cal Row, 35/20, 225 Double-Unders, 9 Rope Climbs
Scaled (FITNESS): 450 singles, Lighter than Rx DB, 30 Supine Rope Climbs

Target: 1rd plus