February 11, 2019

“Integrity is not a noun. It’s a verb.”

Integrity is a word we’re all familiar with.
Overused in many contexts, the word can lose its power. It’s potential.

Just about everyone “knows” right from wrong. And if tone knows right from wrong, they could be said to “have integrity”, as they possess the requisite knowledge. Yet, we know that’s not what real integrity is – as not everyone *acts* with integrity.

Real integrity, is action. Not a “thing”, but a living and breathing lens we live our lives through that we must refine every, single, day.

Yesterday matters. But never nearly as much, as right now.

Front Squat
On the Minute x 5:
1 Front Squat

Starting at, or slightly above our final clean and jerk load, we have five sets of a single front squat. All repetitions taken from the rack. Aim here is similar to our clean and jerks – let’s move well here. Not seeking a max effort 1RM, but looking to find the heavy stimulus for the day. Working towards 90% of our estimated 1RM Front Squat is a strong place to be here.

Funny Bone (Time)
For Time…
Kettlebell Swings (32/24)
Box Jump Overs (30″/24″)
Front Squats (135/95)

Rx Plus (OPEN): As written
Rx (PERFORMANCE): 24/16, 24″/20″, 115/80
Scaled (FITNESS): 16/12, Step-up overs (24″20″), 95/65

Target Time: 8-12min
Time Cap: 15min
Next Level
Clean and Jerk
On the Minute x 11:
On the 0:00… 1 Clean and Jerk @ 70%
On the 1:00… 1 Clean and Jerk @ 75%
On the 2:00… 1 Clean and Jerk @ 80%
On the 3:00… Rest
On the 4:00… 1 Clean and Jerk @ 75%
On the 5:00… 1 Clean and Jerk @ 80%
On the 6:00… 1 Clean and Jerk @ 85%
On the 7:00… Rest
On the 8:00… 1 Clean and Jerk @ 80%
On the 9:00… 1 Clean and Jerk @ 85%
On the 10:00… 1 Clean and Jerk @ 90%*RECORD IN WODIFY

All repetitions are intended to be squat cleans, with athlete’s choice on the overhead (push or split jerk). Building upwards to 90%, our aim today is to put some heavy, but not maximal, loads overhead. Track all (9) lifts to the journal below for tracking purposes.