February 9, 2019

“Impossible is nothing but a word thrown around by small individuals, who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given, than to explore the power they have to change it.” – Mohammed Ali

One of the greatest to enter the boxing ring offers us a quote that effectively summarizes his legacy in a single sentence.

Who we are today, is a direct reflection of our choices from yesterday.
And who we will become tomorrow, will be a reflection of the choices we make today.
There’s no talent here. No born ability. Only, choices.
The question arises – will there be a difference?

Over Easy (Time)
For Time…w/partner:
100/70 Calorie Bike “Buy-In”
Directly into…
3 Rounds:
42 CTB Pull-Ups
30 Overhead Squats (115/80)
18 Power Clean and Jerks (115/80)
*Must split reps evenly!

Rx Plus (OPEN): As written
Rx (PERFORMANCE): 100/70 cal row, Pull-ups, 95/65
Scaled (FITNESS): 100/70 cal row, Ring Rows, 75/55

Target Time: 20-25min
Time Cap: 30min
Next Level
Close Grip Overhead Squat
Part A) 5 Sets of 3

With grip as narrow to “jerk width” we can, building to a heavy set of 3 with all repetitions taken from the rack.Form over load today – elbows must be locked out throughout, heels down, and in sound control as we build to a heavy set.

Part B) Pause Overhead Squat
With 75% of our heaviest triple completed above, 2 x 30s holds in the bottom of our squat. Rest as needed between sets.

Metcon (No Measure)

5:00 On, 2:30 Rest
4:00 On, 2:00 Rest
3:00 On, 1:30 Rest
2:00 On, 1:00 Rest
1:00 On