February 7, 2019

“Take a simple idea and take it seriously.” – Charlie Munger

It’s when we complicate things or start to make excuses that we loose sight of what we might be trying to accomplish. Remember that whatever goal you set for yourself starts as a simple idea. Keep it that way and chase after it as simply as possible, realizing that in the process you will have to adapt and be willing to embrace alternative paths or methods to achieve what it is you have set out to.

Raise It Up, Lunge It Down (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
24min AMRAP
Teams of 3
12/10 Cal Row
25′ Right Arm OH walking Lunge
8 Burpees
25′ Left Arm OH walking Lunge
*Alternate full rounds*
**Athlete choice on OH load – can use KB or DB

Scaled (FITNESS) 10/8 cal row

Target: 12rds plus